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Calpe En Fallas


The Calpe Fallas Fiesta will be held from 17-19 March 2018


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Event date & time

17-19 March 2018



Event date & time

17-19 March 2018

Calpe En Fallas
The Falla del Calpe Vell committee constructs large statues which are made of cardboard, wood and other materials (images below).

The Calpe Fallas are burnt at 24.00h. on March 19th, day of San José, to celebrate the beginning of spring.

History of Las Fallas
Tradition has it that Valencian Carpenters spring-cleaned their workshops on the Feast Day of Saint Joseph the Carpenter. They gathered all the woodcuttings and woodchips and made a bonfire of them on the streets outside their workshops. In the 18th century, as the fiesta became more popular the citizens made models of personalities they wanted to deride and hung them in the streets. The Carpenters took to shaping their woodcuts into the image of Town Councillors or people in the public eye that they wanted to complain about. This has become a tradition all over Valencia and the local Town Councillors take it in good heart when they are criticised. The day before the Fallas the Falleros process through the Towns and make an offering to Our Lady of Desemparados, the Patron Saint of Valencia.

Full Calendar of Events

Programme 2018 - we are currently waiting for the full program to be confirmed - here is a guide based on the 2017 program:

17th March 2018
07:30h - Despertá through the streets (to wake up the residents - firecrackers & music)
13:30h - Sardines gratis for all helpers next to the Fallas statues
18:00h - Amusements and childrens games

22:00h - Fiesta Fallera - Dinner and Dance for the falleros in the Fallero Tent.

18th March 2017
14:00h - Paella gratis for all helpers next to the Fallas statues
17:00h - Parade through the streets

19:30h - Offering of flowers to Nuestra Señora de la Nieves (Our lady of the snows) in the parish church
              of nuestra señora de las nieves.

22:00h - Fiesta Fallera - Dinner and Dance for the falleros in the Fallero Tent.

19th March 2018 - feast day of San Jose (Saint Joseph the carpenter)
11:00h - Concentration of all festeros next to the Fallas statues
11:45h - Parade through the streets
12:00h -
Holy Mass celebrated in the Parish Church of nuestra señora de la nieves, in honour of Saint Joseph.
              In attendance will be the Town’s officials and Falleras.

13:30h - Gran Mascleta - Long row of fireworks in the Plaza Mayor
23:00h - Burning of the Children's falla monument, followed by
24:00h - Burning of main monument

End of Fiesta
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