Fiestas in Calpe: Moors & Christians (October 2022)


Here are full details of the 2020 Moors and Christians Fiesta Program in Calpe, Costa Blanca, Spain, which takes place in October 2022.


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Event date & time

21-23 October 2022


The main procession takes place on Avenida Gabriel Miro, with other events in different venues as detailed below. The 2022 fiestas will be held from 21-23 October.

Event date & time

21-23 October 2022

Event type
  • Local fiestas

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Fiestas in Calpe: Moors & Christians (October 2019)

Calpe Moors and Christians Fiesta 2022 | Calpe Fiestas 2022 | Calpe Online 24

Calpe Moors and Christians Fiesta 2022

The 2022 Moors & Christians Fiesta is the celebration of Santisimo Cristo del Sudor - the patron saint of Calpe. The festival takes place every year in October, to celebrate the historic attack on Calpe that took place on 22nd October 1744.


Prior Fiesta Programme (provided as a guide until the 2022 programme is published)

Thursday 17th October
20:30   Presentation of Fiesta Book at Saló Blau, Casa de Cultura
21:00   Concert of "Musica Festera" by the Unió Musical Ifach Calpe in the Auditorium at the Casa de Cultura.

Friday 18th October
13:00   Opening of Fiesta with bell ringing and salutes
19:00   "Entrada de bandas". Music is playing from Plaza Colón to the Plaza del Mosquit. Parade of each Fila from their Kabila to the Plaza Mayor and Proclamation of the Fiestas.
20:00   At the end of the Proclamation, Offering of candles to the patron Santíssim Crist de la Suor, Iglesia Virgen de las Nieves.
00:30   "Entraetes" in Old Town.
01:30   Dance of the Association’s Standard Bearer in the Plaza del Arco Iris.

Fiestas in Calpe: Moors & Christians (October 2018)

Saturday 19th October
12:00   Children's parade in the Old Town
19:00   “El desfile” Moor and Christian Parade at the Avenida Gabriel Miró. This is the 3 hour spectactular parade through the streets of Calpe.
01:00   Dance of the Moor Captain in Calle José.

Sunday 20th October
11:00   Landing and First Battle at the Arenal-Bol beach.
18:00   Children's Moors & Christians parade at the Avenida Gabriel Miró.
20:30   Speech, Second Battle and “Miracle” at Plaza Mayor.

Monday 21st October

17:00   Professional Pilota game 'a llargues' in the García Ortiz Street.

19:00 Childrens games in the Plaza de España.

23:15 "Correfocs" - Firecracker Parade in the Plaza Mayor.
00:30 Fireworks display by pyrotechnics Hermanos Caballer in the Plaza Mayor

01:00 Dancing in Plaza del Mosquit - Calle Cervantes

Tuesday 22nd October

12:00   Solemn mass to honour the Santíssim Crist de la Suor at the Plaza Mayor. After the mass,Mascletà at the Plaza Mayor and transfer of the Cristo to the Iglesia Virgen de las Nieves.

17:00 Game of "Pilota" - traditional Valencian handball game - in Calle García Ortiz.

20:00 Procession in the Old Town.

Wednesday 23rd October
19:30   Mass for the dead at the Parroquia Virgen de las Nieves.


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