Fiestas in Calpe: "Bous Al Carrer" (August 2024)


To complete the Calpe Fiesta, "Virgen de las Nieves", a full bull running programme ("Bous al Carrer") is organised in Calpe, Spain. The 2024 Fiesta will take place in August 2024.


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Event date & time

August 2024



Event date & time

August 2024

Event type
  • Local fiestas
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Bous al Carrer: Bull Running

To complete the Calpe Fiesta "Virgen de las Nieves Fiesta", a full Bull Running programme ("Bous al Carrer") is organised in Calpe, Spain.
See the 2023 Programme below as a guide until the 2024 dates / times are published:

2023 Programme

6th August
23:30   Parade with the 'Xirimiters del Carellot'
Entrance in charge of Ganaderia BENAVENT
7th August
19.30   Bull Running Ganaderia EL CALI
00.00   Entrance of bulls Ganaderia PALOMA
00.30   Bull Running Ganaderia BENAVENT

8th August
19:30   Entrance of the Bulls Ganaderia PALOMA
23:15   "Carretones" - Mini Bull Carts for the children acompanied by the 'Xirimiters del Carello'
00.00   Entrance of bulls Ganaderia BENAVENT
00.30   Bull Running Ganaderia EL CALI

9th August
19:30   Bull running Ganaderia BENAVENT
00:00   Entrance of bulls Ganaderia LA TEMPLANZA
00:30   Bull running Ganaderia PALOMA

10th August
19:30   Bull running Ganaderia TEMPLANZA
23:15   "Carretones" - Mini Bull Carts for the children
00:00   Entrance of bulls Ganaderia PALOMA
00:30   Bull running Ganaderia ELS COVES
11th August
19:30   Bull running Ganaderia TEMPLANZA
00:00   Bull running Ganaderia ELS COVES
00:30   Bull running Ganaderia BENAVENT
12th August
19:00   Entrance of bulls Ganaderia ELS COVES
19:30   Livestock Challenge

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