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Fiestas in Calpe: "Virgen de las Nieves" (August 2019)

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The "Virgen de las Nieves" is a Fiesta in Calpe, Spain, that involves the offering of flowers, a mass, and a procession, all in honour of the "Virgen de las Nieves". The fiesta also includes open-air balls, a firework display, a parade (with floats and costumes), and bull running. This year, the fiesta will take place between the 1st and the 12th of August 2018.


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Event date & time

July/August 2019



Event date & time

July/August 2019

Event type
  • Children's activities
  • Live concerts
  • Live music
  • Local fiestas

"Virgen de las Nieves" 2019 | Calpe Fiesta Programme 2019

During the 2019 Calpe Fiesta, "Vigen de las Nieves", Calpe becomes all fireworks and gun powder. It’s about festivals and tradition, culture and art. Fireworks will illuminate the city during the "Virgen de las Nieves" as Calpe lives and breathes its festivals.

The "Virgen de las Nieves" fiesta is organised by the Festivals Committee to honour the patron saint of Calpe, the "Virgen de las Nieves". The main emblems of the festival are the queen and her courts, made up by four generations: children, juniors, adults and elders. This fiesta has been celebrated in Calpe since 1940.

The 2019 Fiesta Programme is not yet available. For guidance, please refer to the 2018 Programme provided below.

2018 Programme

Monday 30th July
21:00   Presentation of Fiesta Patronales Book at Saló Blau, Casa de Cultura.

Tuesday 31st July: Opening The Fiesta
13:00   Bell ringing of church bells and firecrackers set off to our Patron Saint "Virgen de las Nieves".
19:30   Concentration at parque Arco Iris
20:00   "Entrada de la Murta" (a procession down streets strewn with myrtle) accompanied by band music. The route is from the Plaza Arco Iris to Plaza Miguel Roselló.
21:30   "Crida a la Festa" (festival opening speech), and the switching on of the fiesta lights by the Queens of the Fiestas from the Town Hall Balcony.
23:30   Musical performance by 'La Pato' en la Plaza Mayor.

Wednesday 1st August: Youth Day
10:00   "Despertà" for children (a morning parade through the streets throwing rockets) from the Plaza dels Mariners along several streets of the town.
11:00   Macro water games at "El Parque de la Creatividad.
18:00   "Cucañas" at Calle Llibertat.
19:30   Macro water games at the Plaza Mayor.
23:30   Concert by 'Seven Crashers' at the Plaza Mayor.

Thursday 2nd August: "Día del Fadrí"
10:30   Parade from Plaza Mariners to Plaza Miguel Roselló.
11:00   Takeover of the Town Hall and change of "Vara de Mando" to Festeros for one day.
20:00   Musical performance by 'MAGO YUNKE' at the Plaza Mayor.
23:30   Musical performance by 'ACROBATIC DANCE' at Plaza Mayor.
02:00   Macro Disco-Movil by 'Baccanali' at the Plaza Mayor.

Friday 3rd August: Night for the Groups
23:30 Musical performance by "MONTECARLO" in the Plaza Mayor

Saturday 4th August: Night for the Groups
11:00   Macro water games at Parking Carrer Petit.
13:00   Bell ringing of church bells.
17:30   Parade with the committee around the town and picking up of authorities.
20:30   Offering of flowers to our Patron Saint Virgen de las Nieves.
11:30   Musical performance by 'EUFORIA' at the Plaza Mayor.
00:30   Nighttime fireworks with music by 'Pirotecnia Hermanos Cabballer' at the Plaza Mayor.

Sunday 5th August: Day of "Virgen de las Nieves"
12:00   Music parade with the committee around the town and picking up of authorities.
12:30   Holy Mass to honour "Nuestra Señora la Virgen de las Nieves".
14:00   "Mascletà" (fireworks) by Pirotecnia Hermanos Caballer.
20:30   Parade with the committee around the town and picking up of authorities. Solemn procession to honour Nuestra Señora la Virgen de las Nieves.
23:55   Fireworks at the beach. Amazing aquatic fireworks (event organised by the Department of Fiestas).
00:30   Disco by 'CARNAVALIA ON TOUR' at the Plaza Mayor.

Monday 6th August: Day of San Salvador
20:00   Parade with the committee around the town and picking up of authorities.
20:30   Holy Mass in the Hermitage of Salvador. Afterwards, "Picaeta" will be offered.

Sunday 13th August
20:00   Great Parade (to finish the festivals) from the Calle Benissa to the Plaza Colón.


NOTE: From the 6th to the 12th of August, the fiesta's bull running will be taking place. Please refer to the Independent Bous al Carrer programme for more information about this event.

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