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Solar Power Systems are experts in a range of solar power solutions including domestic hot water, electricity and pool heating. They also offer other services including heat pumps, air conditioning & drinking water treatments.


Centro Comercial Biblos
Ctra Calpe-Moraira, km1
Calpe 03710

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Solar Power Systems is a solar power business that has been established in Calpe since 1994. 

They are local experts in a range of Energy Solutions for the home including:
- Solar Hot Water Systems
- Solar electricity for the home
- Home Heating & Cooling - Heat pumps, underfloor heating & air conditioning
- Pool heating with Solar Power or Heat Pump
- Pool & Drinking Water Treatments
- Astral Pool Variable energy efficient pool  pump.



The Business

Solar Power Systems has been established since 1994 in Calpe, at the Centro Comercial Biblos on the Calpe-Moraira Coast Road (by the Bed Centre).

The company aims to offer its customers the best quality products for the best value for money. To achieve this, they constantly research the market to find the products that best meet the needs of their customers.

All products offered by Solar Power Systems are sold from top quality brand names that provide a guarantee for post-sales service & support.



Solar Electric Systems

For home owners where access to electricity is poor or non existent, Solar Power Systems can offer solutions for independent solar electricity production.

The systems are silent, produce no emissions, have no moving parts and require no fuel other than sunlight. They are relatively easy to transport and install, and have very low maintenance requirements. 

With a grid connected solar electric system, it is not necessary to depend just on solar power. If the power generated by the solar panels are not enough to cover all you needs, you can obtain the rest from the electric utility.



Domestic Hot Water

The production of Domestic hot water is a major expense on the utility bill of any home. Solar domestic hot water can be a great energy saver, with the Costa Blanca being an ideal location for providing free energy all year round. 

Solar Water Heating Systems use solar panels fitted to your roof, or close to your home, which use heat from the sun to warm water. 

Most homes are suitable for installing a solar power hot water system - Solar Power Systems can visit your home for a no-obligation quote.  



Home Heating & Cooling

Home heating is constantly moving towards more efficient & higher quality solutions. 

Solar Power Systems offer the following solutions:

- Heat Pump Systems
- Solar Heating
- Highly efficient condensation boilers
- Underfloor heating
- Low temperature radiators
- Air conditioning
- Solar home ventilation



Swimming Pools

Solar Power Systems offer all kinds of solutions for your swimming pool, including:

- Pool Heating - Solar panels with or without a heat pump

- Water treatment - salt systems, ionization, UV-C

- Efficient Pool Filters & Pumps
Now in stock the new Astral energy efficient pool  pump.
Designed to save energy by self regulating resulting in saving of electricity .Quiet running and beneficial  to the environment.

- Pool covers - manual or automatic


Pool Heat Pump
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