MDM Services are registered electrical contractors, offering a fully range of electrical services.


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MDM Services are registered electrical contractors, offering a fully range of electrical services.

Business Profile

MDM Electrical Services is run by Derek Twyford, and has been established since 1988. They offer a comprehensive Service, with many loyal customers who appreciate the professional quality service provided by Derek & his team.

Derek has been dealing directly with Iberdrola for over 25 years, and he offers a service where he will liaise with them directly on behalf of clients.
For more information call Derek on 639 665 080 or visit his office at Calle Oscar Esplá,4, Calpe
MDM Electrical Services



Advice about ICP Units

Derek from MDM Services can give specific advice about the letters currently being received from Iberdrola regarding the installation of the ICP units – Interupter Control de Potencía.

Households are receiving these letters from Iberdrola, and possibly ignoring them as they think they are circulars. The danger then is that they then find they have only days left to install the ICP unit. If the original letter from Iberdrola is not responded to, they send out a registered one saying there is only 20 days left to install the ICP unit.

The ICP units have been a legal requirement since 2008, when the law was passed that all houses should have the units in order to control the amount of electricity that the household has contracted to use. If everyone uses more electricity than they have contracted to, the cables carrying the electricity to the premises could overload and short, causing black outs for many houses. For example, most apartments built over 25 years ago were not intended to have, electric cookers, washing machines, dishwashers, air conditioning units, kettles and hair driers all going at the same time. If you are in such an apartment and want all these facilities, you have to have your electricity supply upgraded. As more and more people install air conditioning units the electricity supply is stretched to its limit in the summer and that creates the risk of power cuts. 

The ICP is a sealed unit that will continue to turn your electricity off until you reduce your usage. Most properties built over the last ten years have either the ICP unit already installed or have the space within their electricity box to install it.

MDM are certified electricians, qualified to do the job, and will charge approximately 50 to 60€ to install the unit, depending on the amount of work to be done.

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