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Claire Durrant is an experienced deep tissue massage therapist offering mobile massage varying from deep therapeutic sports treatments to relaxing massage with aromatherapy oils. Luxury group and holiday massage also available.


Areas covered – Calpe, Benissa, Moraira, Javea, Altea

Location – mobile

Language(s) spoken
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Italian
Costa Massage Therapy
Personal Training & Sports Massage in Calpe, Costa Blanca | Calpe Online 24

Claire Durrant is an experienced deep tissue massage therapist offering mobile massage varying from deep therapeutic sports treatments to relaxing massage with aromatherapy oils.


Claire will come to your villa or holiday home and give treatments to the whole family- no need to travel to a clinic or miss out on pool and chill-out time! Minimum booking 2 people.

Personal training also available – please see entry under SkyFit.

Local areas covered – Calpe, Benissa, Moraira, Javea, Altea. Hours - by appointment only Mon-Fri


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Claire Durrant is a Sports Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer who works with clients to help them reach and maintain their health and fitness objectives. 

Her aim is to help clients feel physically and mentally comfortable in their own skin, injury and ache free, proud of their achievements and happy with their body!

Chavutti Thirumal & Sports Massage

Deep tissue massage treats muscular imbalances, pain, tension and injuries and leaves the client with a deep sense of release, flexibility and general wellbeing. It can deal with injuries old and new and makes recovery much faster so that you can get back to your activities as soon as possible.


Personal Training is not only for those that love being active but is a wonderful motivator for those who are less inclined to exercise. I like to train clients outside whenever possible to get the uplifting benefit of fresh air and sunshine, and to show them they don’t need to ‘gym’ to get fit, and enjoy exercise. Many of my clients have come to me with health issues or specific goals, which we then work to achieve together with very personalized programmes adapted to their specific needs.

Here are a few excellent reasons for incorporating massage and exercise into your everyday life:

Benefits of deep tissue massage:
* Aids recovery from injury
* Relieves muscle tension and soreness
* Relieves stress and its resulting muscle tightness
* Releases adhesions ( 'knots' )
* Improves flow of blood and lymph
* Improves flexibility
* Improves mobility in areas affected by repetitive strain injury eg tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome
* Reduces swelling
* Gives a general sense of wellbeing
Chavutti Thirumal - probably the most unusual treatment anyone could ever receive!
Chavutti Thirumal is an Indian massage therapy, several thousands of years old, and literally means 'massage by foot pressure'. It is given entirely with the feet and the practitioner uses a rope for balance, with one foot on the body and one on the floor at all times. It originated alongside traditional Indian martial arts, dancing and yoga, and was developed for maintaining and improving suppleness, and treating pain and swelling caused by combat. Chavutti is equally suitable for those not involved in sport or exercise, as it is an incredibly relaxing treatment in which the whole body is deeply massaged with long sweeping strokes. Chavutti is completely holistic and pampering and leaves the client uplifted and energised aswell as treating muscle tightness and pain. This treatment is also the perfect complement to therapies such as acupuncture and osteopathy.
Chavutti Thirumal:
* Encourages muscle tone
* Releases muscle tension
* Improves circulation and energy flow
* Stimulates lymphatic drainage
* Combats water retention
Please find testimonials on Claire's website.
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