U3A - University of the 3rd Age, Calpe.


Hotel Ifach Calpe





Q: What is the purpose of the U3A?
A: To encourage and enable people no longer in full time employment to share their knowledge, skills, interests and experiences.

Q: Do I need formal qualifications?
A: U3A is open to anyone in the community. No qualifications are necessary, nor are any awarded.

Q: Do the U3A have paid teachers?
A:  No the U3a offers learning activities which reflect member’s wishes and which aim to satisfy a very wide range, educational, recreational, cultural, physical and social. It encourages a learning experience in a fun, relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The group leaders come from within the membership, people who feel confident to share their own past experience and expertise.


Q:  Is it costly to join?
A:  Members pay an annual subscription fee – this year 6 €, and a small contribution per session to the group leader if applicable, in order to cover the cost of refreshments, photocopying etc.


Q:  Are all the members from Calpe?
A:  No, we have members of many nationalities, and from a number of towns and villages in the area.


Q:  With so many members how is information disseminated?
A:  We meet once a month in the Casa de Cultura, Calpe. This we call a General Meeting. Information regarding groups, travel etc, is shared through our excellent web site at www. We also produce a monthly newsletter with contributions from the groups. Information is also channelled through group leaders to their individual groups, and through local newspapers and radio.


Q:  How do you know the wishes of the members?
A:  Everyone is asked to complete an application form and to record their interests. It is then the responsibility of the group co-ordinator and members of the committee to facilitate those wishes. Members are also asked to record their own areas of expertise where appropriate. Members taking part in any activity do so at their own insurance risk.


This organisation is unique in that the teacher, or group leader, is also the student and the name “University” is used in its original sense – that of people coming together to help one another.