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AFPO Calpe is a non-profit making organisation with the sole purpose of providing information & help to owners / expats in Calpe.



AFPO Calpe is a non-profit making organisation with the sole purpose of providing information & help to owners / expats in Calpe.

AFPO Calpe holds 3 general meetings every year to discuss areas of concern in Calpe. At the meetings, agreement is made re the agenda that will be pursued by the committee. Meetings are then held with representatives of the Town hall, and indeed with politicians of other parties, in order to widely express the views of the members.

The following gives you an idea of some of our activities on our behalf of our members
1.   We are currently involved with 15 live cases involving the authorities
2.   We have an involvement in over 1 million € of legal cases
3.   We have 4 socially deprived members who are receiving our attention
4.   We have monthly meetings with the Mayor to put your viewpoints
5.   We have frequent meetings with the Councillors of all parties
6.   We have regular meetings with the officials at the health center, who in conjunction with our interpreters, 
      are working to provide you with a better service
7.   We provide Telephonic/email help to 5 members on a daily average
8.   We provide you with a daily update on the important events in Calpe
9.   We provide you with a magazine which is supported by advertisers
10. And we still find time to smile and be nice to animals
Membership is open to all persons with an interest in Calpe & costs 15€ per year. Property ownership is not however necessary to become a member.

AFPO also produces a quarterly magazine in order to keep its members up to date with items of interest. This magazine is distributed directly to members, but can also be obtained at advertisers outlets by non members.

One key service operated by AFPO is a translation service at the local health clinic to help with medical problems, and to accompany patients with the doctor.

Everybody likes to participate in an easy quiz, so why not have a go at this one which is based on events in Calpe

1.   What is happening to the Gabriel Miro
2.   Where will the new car park be built and when
3.   Where is the new Bulevar des Americas to be constructed
4.   Why is everyone being thrown off the Padron register
5.   Why will they not give me the pensioners discount on the Basura rate
6.   What has changed with regard to my health prescriptions
7.   Is it true that there is to be a new health center this year,
8.   How will I be able to cross the N322 safely by Galerias Aitana
9.   Is anything to be done about the flooded roads
10. Is the Salinas going to be built on

How many questions could you answer?

If you were a member of AFPO you would know the answer to them all, and you would be able to influence some of the events by making your views known to us so that we can present them to the authorities

For more information, visit the AFPO website at:

We are getting in touch with you from the cinema company production Apaches Entertainment S.L.,based in Madrid. We are working on our new movie, named “IMPOSIBLE”.

We are getting in contact with several associations and schools of the area in order to find three of our main characters, in that case is going to be children of 4 to 11-year-oldwho speak English speaking (all kind of accents are accepted).
The cast is made up of English actors and actresses and the movie is going to be shot in English.
The movie does not contain any improper scene for kids between 4-11 years old (no violence or sex scenes).
We would be thankful for your support so that you could forward the information to your membership for that purpose, we are holding an open casting day in JÁVEA next FRIDAY 23rd of APRIL at JÁVEA at Avenida de París número 6, Playa del Arenal de Jávea, from 15:00h to 21:00h.
We are not pretending to make a conventional casting – we will just talk to them about their background, so that they won’t feel pressed.
The company production team would then contact the parents of the ones who were most suitable for the role.

The next general meeting of AFPO, (the association of foreign property owners) will be held on Tuesday May 11th in the Casa de Cultura at 
The speaker will be Mark Foster of Foster Consulting, to talk you through the perplexing world of Insurance .
This is a meeting for members only but applicants may join at the entrance

Padron re-registration

When you receive your letter from the town hall advising you to re enrol on the Padron, and only then, you can do it at either the old padron office, or at the new office by the town hall back door.
You will need your passport only.
You can register a person that is too ill to attend by taking their passport and obtaining a form that must be signed by the applicant and returned.
If you are not resident,even though you may have been on the Padron previously, do not bother to go ,because only residents are now required/allowed to reapply.
For Residents, failure to reapply is illegal and will affect your future dealings with the administration as well as nullify your vote

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