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Fisiocalpe is your centre of Physiotherapy dedicated to your Health, Beauty and Relaxation located in Calpe.


Calle Padre Manjon 2
Bajo C
Calpe 03710

Language(s) spoken
  • Spanish


Everyone at some time or other has had muscular problems and aches and pains in the bones.
Fisiocalpe offers the knowledge and the hands of their Physiotherapists, combined with their various apparatuses (ultrasound, electrostimulation etc) to better the quality of your life.

Conditions Treated

Sports Injuries        Back Pain 
Sprains       Lumbar
Torn Muscles       Cervical
Cramp       Dorsal
Pulled Muscles       Sciatica
Tendonitis       Herniated Disc
        Sprained Back

The Treatments

Pre and Post Hip / Knee Replacement Operation Physiotherapy

When you have problems with your hips or knees that require replacement, the last thing you would think of is physiotherapy before you have the surgery.
However this is important and will advance the healing process after the operation.
When you have hip or knee pain you don't want to do much exercise, consequently the muscles and tendons associated with these joints weaken, so when you do have the operation the healing process takes just that bit longer, due to this weakness.
Pre-operation physiotherapy under the guidance of a physiotherapist strengthens these muscles and tendons, so that after the replacement and post replacement physiotherapy the recovery to normal life takes less time.


Both these exercise classes are run in small groups so that special attention is paid to each individual woman’s specific problems.
Pre Natal Gym.
During pregnancy many women suffer problems with the back, abdomen and pelvic area. We run Pre Natal Exercise classes to strengthen these areas to prevent such problems as Lumbago, and to increase the elasticity in the muscles to preparing the body for the child’s birth.

Post Natal Gym.
Six weeks after the birth of a child a woman can start exercising, improving the muscles most affected by giving birth and regaining their figures. These specialised exercises help the body recuperate and repair any physical damage to the womb, uterus and rectum. The exercises are very important and help to prevent future problems such as incontinence, prolapses, and loss of sexual enjoyment.

Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic drainage is a massage that acts directly on the lymphatic system. It has benificial effects that are very positive, since it activates the circulation and helps to eliminate toxins and water retention.

The aim of this massage is to stimulate the lymphatic system, through a gentle pressure of the hands. The lymphatic system runs parallel to the circulatory system, and is responsible for removing toxins and conditions the immune system, which runs through our body and which has some key points, so called lymph nodes, the main ones are located in areas such as the armpits.
The treatment is performed with the patient lying comfortably and produces a relaxing effect, as the pressure on the skin is carried out in a very gentle manner, in order to stimulate lymph flow, but without the patient feeling any discomfort.

Chocolate Therapy

For those with a sweet tooth, cheer yourselves up and experiment with chocotherapy, a delicious massge with chocolate, or a treatment based on wrapping in chocolate.
Don't wait any longer and benefit from the exfoliating and invigorating properties of chocotherapy.

The innovative chocolate massages and baths hydrate the skin and fight cellulite.
They also end stress, lack of vitality, fatigue and all the symptoms of stress.
Researchers found that chocolate is a powerful element in preserving beauty, because of its slimming, detoxifying and firming effects.
It improves mood, thanks to the production of endorphins, hormones that cause
welfare and create happiness. These hormones are generated each time a person is happy, or when you perform activities that give you pleasure.

Chocotherapy hydrates, nourishes and tones the body.
   •   Remineralizes enzymatic metabolism through its trace
   •   Acts on the nervous system as an anti-depressant and anti
   •   Stimulates euphoria thanks to felimetilanina.
   •   Remineralizes the epidermis due to calcium, potassium 
       and magnesium.

This is certainly a luxury that everyone can indulge in.

Relaxing Massage with Essential Oils

Massage and essential oils combined to perfection.
According to the oils selected, the fragrance can have a relaxing or stimulating effect on the body and spirit, because the aroma is closely linked to memory and emotional responses, this massage can be very effective.
The massage, in combination with the oil, helps relieve stress and tension through its effects on the brain, nerves and muscles

Relaxing Massage with Hot Volcanic Stones

Hot Stone Massage Therapy is considered to be a gentler alternative to Swedish Massage or deep tissue massage. The stones replace the hands of the masseuse and it is said that with the treatment the therapists penetrate the body ten times deeper than with an ordinary massage. The stones used are treated Volcanic rocks that help you relax; rid you of negative energy, healing you whilst you detox.


Partial relaxation massage    30 min    20 euros 
Complete relaxation massage    60 min    40 euros 
Chocolate Wrap inc complete relaxation massage + Aromatherapy     90 min    60 euros 
Hot stone massage + Relaxation massage    60 min    45 euros 

Physiotherapy Treatments             
5 sessions   100 euros    4 sessions + 1 free
Relaxation Massages with Aromatherapy             
5 sessions (30 min each)     80 euros       4 sessions + 1 free
5 sessions (60 min each)    160 euros   4 sessions + 1 free
Lymphatic Drainage Massage                                      
Parcial     30 / 45 min      25 euros 
Total    60 / 90 min   50 euros 

Combined Treatments

Ideal for Gifts with Gift Vouchers

Sweet Package                   80 euros 
1 Chocolate wrap including massage of 30 min      
1 Complete massage of 60 min + Aromatherapy    
Relaxation Package   60 euros
1 Hot Stone massage inc partial massage and Aromatherapy    
1 Complete massage of 60 min + Aromatherapy    
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