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Quiromasajistacalpe - Chiropractor


Summary: Quiromasajistacalpe is a Chiropractor and Masseur in Calpe offering a range of therapies and massages including Sports massage, relaxing massages, Swedish massages, aromatherapy and reflexology


Location: Levante Beach
Address: Partida Colari 8B
03710 calpe
Opening Hours: Monday - Friday
1600 - 2100
Saturdays, Sundays and holidays
1000 - 2100
Payment Type: /images/cash
Languages: /images/english, /images/french, /images/german, /images/spanish

When Contacting This Business:
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Contact Name: Jordi Martinez Moreno
Quiromasajistacalpe - Chiropractor Description:

Quiromasajistacalpe | Chiropractors in Calpe | Calpe Online 24

Quiromasajistacalpe is an English speaking Chiropractor and Masseur in Calpe offering a range of therapies and massages including sports massage, relaxing massages, swedish massages, aromatherapy and reflexology.

The Business

Jordi Martínez Moreno has been practising manual therapies for eight years, having studied, at the CIM Academy of Alicante among other academies. He is a qualified in a range of therapies, such as sports massage, Manual lymphatic massage, Descontracturant massage, relaxing massage, Massage Anti-cellulitis, Reductor massage, aromatherapy, reflexology foot and therapeutic massage.

Since he discovered the broad and fascinating world of alternative medicine, he has not stopped increasing his knowledge. He is currently studying a degree in acupuncture and moxibustion in the SYNTAGMA Academy of Valencia. 

He hopes to be able to offer this service in acupuncture from the summer of 2013.
His massage centre is easy to find in Urb. Colari, close to the Levante Beach. He also does home visits, please feel free to call him now to make an appointment.



A good massage reconnects us with our body, and with it's feelings. It makes us aware of neglected areas in the body and gives us the ability to inhabit the body pleasantly.
There are infinite number of techniques: Californian, Thai, Shiatzu, Reflexotherapy, aesthetic, relax, sports and many more... Each has it's objectives that can work on and target a specific muscle affected by stress or after sports, to improve the flow of energy in a meridian of acupuncture.

It is important to try several styles and especially several hands because there lies the art: in the hand and the heart of who provides. When we feel that the effect of the massage is too short, our pains are chronic and reappear the next day.

Therefore we need a treatment of posture and the consultation of a specialist. Nothing will prevent us to continue enjoying a massage when we want but perhaps our pains require another type of more complex approach. A massage does not alter the position of our spine or relieve a herniated disk.


Massages are an age-old technique that are used as both an aesthetic and therapeutic objective. They are a gift to our body.

In the world of today where everything is fast and impersonal, take the time to enjoy a massage can change our day in a positive way.

The benefits of massages are numerous, they encourage relaxation, release tensions, prevent muscle injuries, it releases endorphins, relaxes the muscles, improves circulation, relieves pain and reduces stress.
The massage is recommended for men and women, of all ages. Only when there is fever, thrombi, or infection should it be avoided.

Relaxing Massage
Soft techniques which encourage relaxation. The pressure used is soft and the most commonly used techniques are landslides. They can be in the body up to the face and scalp.

Relaxing massages are, as the name says, those which are not intended for after sport, or for muscle aches. The main intention is to give the body a state of tranquillity and rest through the appropriate movements.

40 minutos 20€
60 minutos 30€

Descontracturant Massage
A more physical technique. It is ideal to do in areas where there are contractions. They are accompanied by elongations and stretching. It can be more painful and not so relaxing.
30 minutos 20€
60 minutos 30€

Sports Massage
It is a massage that is used after sport competitions to generate a relaxation of the muscles of legs, they are rapid movements. You can accompany elongation and decontracting techniques.

This massage technique is basically used to prepare the athlete in the competition and can be done pre and post activity. It prevents muscle spasms, tears, muscle injury and aids relaxation, as well as the elimination of toxins. It is characterized by moderate movements, analgesic effects, stimulate the circulation, avoid muscle fatigue and realign the musical fibers among other things.

30 minutos 20€
60 minutos 30€

Hot Stone Massage
Technique of massage that is accompanied by special stones that are heated previously and help relax the muscles by the heat radiated. They can be used in maneuvers or put stones on specific points of the body.

60 minutos 40€ 

Lymphatic Drainage
Aesthetic and therapeutic, massage of slow, rhythmic movements that stimulates lymphatic circulation and the elimination of toxins.

These massages aim to stimulate the lymphatic system through some gentle pressure with hands. In parallel to the circulatory system, which is responsible for removing toxins and keep in shape the immune system, which runs our body and has a few key points; called lymph nodes. Within the nodes we find principals that are located in areas such as the armpits or groin. These are precisely those who should be treated further to make the massage more effective.

30 minutos 20€
60 minutos 30€

Reductive or Aesthetic Massage
Fast and intense techniques that create an effect of body shaping.
Reductive massage seeks to help eliminate the I accumulate of localized fat and at the same time, styling the contour of the figure making a more aesthetic silhouette.

This treatment is ideal for getting rid of unwanted localized fat.
This massage work areas with greater amount of body fat, causing heat with special movements that help to dissolve the fatty tissue.
Movements and reductive massage techniques help to increase circulation and local metabolism, to reabsorb fats and increase the consumption of calories due to increased motor activity.

30 minutos 20€
60 minutos 30€

Treatment technique that stimulates specific points representing organs of our body. Takes place in the feet and hands.

The reason why the feet are so important is the large number of nerves that end in them, and the reflex points of the feet make it produce a very interesting effect from pressures or massage.

Reflexology uses pressure to stimulate the reflex points. A reflex point is a point that is connected to a distant body part. When we pressed on him, the energy flows reflects area of the body.
30 minutos 20€
60 minutos 30€

Facial Massage
It has the same benefits as a body massage, with the difference that is practiced with the softness to the skin of the face. It produces improvement of circulation, relieves and relaxes facial muscles, therefore also acting on the expression. It is accompanied with different products, according to the intended effect.

30 minutos 20€

Pre-Natal Massage
This type of massage for pregnant women is a body therapy, addressed to the special needs of the body of the expectant mother, to help you feel better, reducing fatigue and stress. In addition it will activate the blood circulation and will relieve your tension and back pain due to changes that occur during pregnancy and weight gain.

Pregnancy is a time in which the body undergoes many changes. Some of these changes are stressful and uncomfortable for pregnant women. Massage may help reduce some of the inconvenience of pregnancy.

30 minutos 20€
60 minutos 30€

Aromatherapy Massage
This form of massage in addition to what would be a session of massage uses the essence of an oil. Each oil serves to stimulate different things. The massage requires different oil according to the needs of the patient, energizing, relaxing, balancing, etc.

30 minutos 20€
60 minutos 35€

Swedish Massage
This is one of the most popular massage therapies in the United States. The massage is performed using circular movements on the muscles and often uses an oil or lotion. It is a very relaxing massage, and if you you have never had a massage, this is a very good way of starting.

70 minutos 35€

Californian Massage
This massage is anti-stress par excellence. Characterized by its fluid, long landslides and enclosures to stimulate consciousness of mind and body, using gentle pressure, and a slow pace, it is the flow of all our senses. This massage aims to take the person to a state of deep relaxation, mental, emotional and physical.

90 minutos 45€

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