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2nd Ruta de Tapas from Benissa and Calpe to Moraira - Summer 2017
2nd Ruta de Tapas from Benissa and Calpe to Moraira - Summer 2017
Event Date: 11th June - 21st July 2017
Venue: Restaurants and Bars in Benissa, Calpe and Moraira
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Benissa, Calpe and Teulada-Moraira are small towns surrounded by the sea and the mountains and beautiful sceneries and also rooted in Mediterranean culture and traditions. Among these traditions highlights undoubtedly the culinary and gastronomic tradition, which thank to high-quality products and the good work of our entrepreneurs has shaped a rich and diverse cuisine that delights residents and visitors. Aware of the importance of hostelry in our municipalities as a source of wealth and employment, the municipalities of Benissa, Calp and Teulada-Moraira have launched for the first time a joint initiative: 2nd. #BCTM Tapas Route. On this route that will run from 11th June to 21st July 2017, you can enyoy a wide variety of tapas in the many participating establishments at unbeatable price.

We invite everyone to join us in this 2nd. #BCTM Tapas Route.

11th - 23rd June 2017:         Calpe Tapas Route

23rd June - 7th July 2017:    Moraira Tapas Route

7th - 21st July 2017:            Benissa Tapas Route

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