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Make A Smile - Helping Children in Need on the Costa Blanca
Make A Smile - Helping Children in Need on the Costa Blanca
Date last updated: 24 Apr 2017
Make A Smile Spain | Charities on the Costa Blanca | Calpe Online 24

Make A Smile is a non-profit organisation that aims to feed children in need on the Costa Blanca.

For the past few years, local children’s homes on the Costa Blanca have been seriously short of funds for even the most basic needs. At Make A Smile, the team work with the community in raising funds and using these to supply a balanced diet and daily needs for 50 children in the Emaus group and a home with 24 mentally handicapped youngsters.

Make A Smile is determined at all times to make a positive impact on society. Their strong relationship with charities such as Emaus, Fundacion Relleu, Grant A Wish and others provide perfect examples of the benefits of the community working together to improve the lives of local underprivileged and vulnerable adults and children. 

If you would like to become a "Make A Smile" children's Warrior or help them support these local kids in care please pop along on Wednesday and have a chat with the "Make A Smile" team.

For more news and details of forthcoming charity events, visit their facebook page here: