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Tai Chi Classes at Casa de Cultura
Tai Chi Classes at Casa de Cultura
Event Date: Wednesdays
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Venue: Casa de Cultura
Avda. de Masnou 1
Time: 9 - 10 pm
Tel: 965 839 123

Tai Chi Classes at Casa de Cultura

Every Wednesday master LU gives Tai Chi classes at the Casa de Cultura of Calpe.

Tai Chi is recommended for persons over 30 years to start caring for their body/mind to achieve longevity. To combat stress, train your body, mind, physical and emotional balance, achieve health & agility.

Besides practicing sports in a different way, you will be taught ancient excercises of Chinese naturalist medicine during the class. These excercises ensure the proper functioning of various vital organs of the body to prevent disease, dysfunctioning, without resorting to Western pills which often only mask the condition of the sick body.

You have the best teacher of Tai Chi in the Province at the Casa de Cultura in Calpe: Mr. LU. Reasonable prices, small groups. More info: Casa de Cultura Calpe (Tere), or directly join on Wednesdays, 10 min before the class. Time: 9 - 10 pm.

Train your body and mind. Health, meditation, balance.