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EcoConfort - cavity wall insulation


Summary: AIC Moraira is a cavity wall insulation company installing EcoConfort insulation.


Address: Aptdo 296
03724 Moraira
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EcoConfort - cavity wall insulation Description:

EcoConfort | Building Services | Calpe Online 24

AIC Moraira
is the approved installer for the EcoConfort cavity wall insulation product on the Costa Blanca, a company that has been in the property and construction business on the Costa Blanca for over 20 years.
AIC Moraira covers Calpe, Moraira, Javea, and the northern Costa Blanca.

They use a high performance, injected, blown bead EPS insulation system that can be used in domestic and commercial cavity wall, floor and ceiling constructions as a full fill insulation solution.


The Product

Very fast to install and with no waste, it is just as suitable for new build as it is for improving the thermal performance of existing buildings.

The ecoConfort system is a truly modern method of construction. In new build construction you can build both leaves of a cavity wall right up to the roofline, with no stopping and starting to install the insulant. The insulating bead can be injected at any subsequent stage, speeding construction programmes and reducing costs.

The EPS beads are injected into the wall with a specially designed adhesive and bond together forming a solid mass inside the cavity. The unique flow of bead coupled with its lightness enables the insulant to conform precisely to every fissure of the block and brickwork, producing a complete fill every time. The beads' spherical structure creates tiny air pockets in the insulant once the adhesive has dried.

Every bead has a single point of contact with each of the surrounding beads, allowing the cavity to breathe and any moisture penetrating the outer leaf to drain away immediately.

The ecoConfort system is unaffected by flood water ingress where water is free from harmful contaminants. 

The thermal insulation properties of the ecoConfort system remain effective for the life of the building. The insulation will not crack nor settle. It is a dimensionally stable, chemically inert product, which is resistant to attack from bacteria, moulds and fungi, and will not provide nutrient value for insects or vermin. It is also non-toxic and non-irritant.

The insulation will not deteriorate with time.

Due to the unique design, the system will not transmit water across the cavity.

The ecoConfort system will not prejudice the fire resistant properties of the wall.

The product is guaranteed after installation for the life of the property which has been treated, always subject to the insulation not having been exposed to external contaminants nor having been manipulated by third parties.



Spain is a country with extremes of weather, from scorching hot in summer to colder than you'd expect in winter. The diagram below indicates how heat typically escapes from your home.
The ecoConfort insulation system will help you cope with these extremes by ensuring that your house keeps warmer and drier in winter, and cooler in summer. It is especially beneficial to those of you with holiday homes who may leave the property unattended for extended periods.

Perhaps most importantly of all, by reducing the need for heating in winter and air conditioning in summer you can reduce those ever-increasing energy bills.



Installation & Costs

A series of 22mm holes are drilled on the outside wall of the cavity construction. The system is set into motion and the EPS beads are premixed with adhesive, and injected into the cavity under pressure. When the target pressure is reached, the backpressure causes the system to shut down, so overfilling is avoided. This process is carried out on every injection point from the lowest to the highest. In normal circumstances, as the work is carried out externally, there's no dirt or disruption inside the house.

At the end of the installation, the installer will make good the holes made during the installation process.

Typically, installations are completed in half a day or less.

Before starting any work an installer will visit to assess your property and the access required to enable the work to be carried out. This will also involve the drilling of pilot holes in the walls in order that an internal inspection can be made via remote cameras.

There is a charge for this process - however, if it is found after the survey that your property cannot be insulated with the ecoConfort process, then the charge will be waived. If you subsequently contract for the work to be carried out, then the amount payable will be reduced by the charge already made.

Although the actual price depends very much on the individual property, as a guide expect to pay c.€1200 (plus I.V.A. at the current rate) for a 100m² detached villa with standard cavities of 4cm.

EcoConfort - cavity wall insulation Photos & Map:

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